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Domestic Violence

Dealing with an aggressive former intimate partner can be challenging when you are being threatened with physical harm or when you are being harassed. You have the right to feel safe in your home and when your personal rights are being violated, you may need to seek a protective order. A protective order can be issued on an emergency basis, but you will typically have to go to court to ask a judge to extend that order.

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Domestic Violence and Threats of Violence Attorney | St Louis Family Law

Consider Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney

An attorney can help you when you have to go to court and ask for an order to be extended beyond the terms of an emergency protective order. You have the right to be represented in court to ensure that your rights are protected and to ensure the court understands the severity of the harassment you are facing. Domestic violence can take many forms including physical abuse, emotional abuse and verbal abuse; you should not have to live in fear of any form of abuse.

The Reality of Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, a former intimate partner or a family member who is no longer living in your household can still make your life difficult. Too often, harassment occurs that makes you feel threatened not only physically but also emotionally. Oftentimes, these situations are exacerbated if you’ve been through a divorce or you have children. However, whether you have children or not, you still have the right to seek a protective order.

You should never have to life in fear for your safety nor should you feel victimized in your own home. If you are being victimized by verbal assaults, threatened with physical violence or otherwise feel your safety is threatened, contact the St. Louis MO office of St Louis Family Law Group at (314) 926-0939.  We can help you obtain the required protective orders which can help your peace of mind.

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