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After the Case is Over

When a divorce is completed, there are often court-ordered payments of child and/or spousal support. These payments are generally due on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly. When your ex-partner has failed to meet the terms of the court order, you need help holding them accountable. This usually means filing a contempt of court charge and asking the court to order the person to resume payments.

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Working with a Support Enforcement Attorney

A support enforcement attorney can help you seek relief through the family courts when court-ordered child support or spousal support payments are not being paid as required. While you may be able to talk to your ex-spouse about these issues, oftentimes you’ll be met with excuses or with reasons why the payments are not being made. Since you likely depend on these payments in order to remain financially stable and to support your children, it is important to seek competent legal assistance as quickly as possible.

Experience Matters with Support Enforcement

St Louis Family Law Group understands that support payments are important to your financial security and that when those payments stop you cannot afford to wait extended periods of time to have them resolved. As an experienced domestic relations law firm, we know exactly the procedures necessary to get these issues addressed as quickly as possible through the Family Court system. We will represent your interests in court and help hold your ex-spouse or ex-partner financially accountable and push to ensure you receive past-due payments.

If you are having trouble receiving court-ordered support payments, you need a strong advocate who will work with you to determine the best way to proceed. Filing a contempt of court charge can help you get payments reinstated as quickly as possible. If you need assistance with an enforcement order in St. Louis, MO contact St Louis Family Law Group at (314) 387-9189 for help.

Post-Dissolution Modification

Divorce decrees are written to take into considerations factors that will last until the children of the marriage are over 21 years old. However, many times, circumstances change that are not in your control.  It could be a job loss, you or your ex-spouse move out of state and the custody arrangement is no longer feasible, or a spouse refuses to abide by the custody order.

When there is a material change in the circumstances of the parents that require a change in the divorce decree or child support payments, you need an attorney to help you modify a divorce decree or judgment of paternity.  At St Louis Family Law Group, we will help you determine solutions to these issues and navigate the legal obstacles so that you can maintain meaningful contact with your child.  Contact St Louis Family Law Group at (314) 387-9189 to modify a divorce decree or paternity judgment.

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