About Us

St Louis Family Law Group is a law firm that handles all aspects of family law, including child custody, child support and adoption services. Our firm is small and responsive to the needs and issues of our clients, providing them expertise in all areas of family law. Our attorneys are up to date on all issues and provide our clients with all options that are available.
Our attorneys will provide professional expertise while providing you with unrivaled customer service. Our attorneys will respond to any questions within 24 hours and will always provide you with all possible options at the earliest opportunity so that their rights are always protected.
We represent clients in all aspects of law, including parent’s rights, grandparent’s rights, military divorces.

St Louis Family Law Group | Family Attorney | Separation & Custody Law

We represent parties seeking to adopt, including step-parent adoptions. We provide guidance and advice throughout the process for those wishing to expand their family.

We represent those seeking guardianships to help protect loved ones.

We represent parents regarding child custody issues.

We represent parents regarding child support issues.

We guide our clients through all aspects of divorce, including custody, child support and property division.

We represent parents with children born out of wedlock to preserve their rights to custody, visitation and child support.

We will help you to distribute the assets, debt and equity that you have built during the marriage.

We help clients navigate the legal system to protect them and their children from abusive spouses and partners.

We assist our clients in getting child custody and child support judgments modified where the circumstances are appropriate.

We assist clients in preparing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to protect their assets before marriage and during the marriage where circumstances change.

When the help our clients to enforce the divorce decrees and paternity judgments when the other spouse or parent refuses to follow the court order.

We represent parties in appeals from any adverse rulings involving any aspect of family law.